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Dear visitor to this site,


The organizational procedure in my practice to get a vaccination appointment is as follows:


This waiting list is only for persons who do not have any doubt about getting vaccinated with the vaccine of AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson. We do not give waiting numbers to persons who want to be convinced by the doctor.


1. Registration at my office personally on site for new patients, receipt of an information sheet about the risks,

In case of open questions you can schedule an appointment for an individual consultation (after having read all available information on my homepage)

Already registered patients should make sure that their contact details (phone number) are up to date in our system.


2. If there is neither doubt nor open questions, you will be entered on our waiting list and given an individual waiting number.


3. We always vaccinate on Tuesdays from 8-12 or until the last dose has been administered.

We order the maximum possible amount of vaccines from the pharmacy every week.

On Thursdays we receive information about how much vaccine will be delivered in the following week.

I publish the waiting list numbers for the next vaccination appointment on the following Tuesday every Thursday or Friday on this page of my homepage.

Find out every week on Thursday or Friday on this page how things are going so you can estimate in which week it is your turn. Please refrain from inquiries.

 Waiting numbers are personal and generally cannot be exchanged. "No shows" are not automatically vaccinated later and have to apply for a new number.


Waiting List positions for the next round on May 25th:

Due to the number of "no shows" during the last two rounds or persons who have been vaccinated elsewhere we need to ask you to confirm your participation for the designated appointment below in advance via e-mail until Sunday 13th of June 6 p.m. Any appointment which has not been confirmed by this date will be cancelled and substituted for someone else.

For confirmation please use the following e-mail: praxis-dr-dziurla@web.de


 Please bring the filled out and signed informed consent sheet (see link below)

Tuesday 15.6.2021                                                 

    Time slot          Waiting number

10:00 333
10:10 336
10:20 340
10:30 341
10:40 358
10:50 361
11:00 362
11:10 364
11:20 365
11:30 367
11:40 368
11:45 369
11:50 370
11:55 375
12:00 377
12:05 379
12:10 380
12:15 381
12:20 384

In this round we are exclusively vaccinating with the vaccine of Johnson&Johnson.




 Information Sheet  and Informed consent form for vector based vaccines (for the 1st as well as the 2nd vaccination)




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